A 48 cancellation policy applies , the student must give 48 hours notice to cancel a lessons or will be charged accordingly. 
Block bookings are non-refundable lessons must be taken or will be held for three months .
Deposits are non-refundable, any courses where the deposit has been paid if the course is cancelled the student loses their deposit . 

U-Drive SOM Terms and Conditions

Interpretation In these conditions (“Conditions”) “We”, “Us” or “Our” means

U–Drive School of Motoring and “You” or “Your” means the customer. You must read these Conditions in full as they set out our complete Terms upon which We have agreed to provide, and You have agreed to Obtain, driving tuition from Us. We and Your Instructor reserve the right to charge for any lessons affected by Your failure to comply with any of these Conditions.

About Your Instructor

Your Instructor is one of Our self-employed franchisees whose relationship with Us is governed by a franchise agreement, No contractual liability shall arise or subsist between You and Us, However We will endeavour to assist You with Your requirements. Our instructors are licensed to carry on business as driving Instructors and have obtained such licenses from the Department of Transport.

Driving Tuition

Driving tuition is only available to persons: 1. Aged 17 and over (16 and over if disabled); 2. Who hold valid UK provisional driving licence (“licence”); and 3. Who are legally entitled to drive in the UK. If You take driving lessons, it is Your responsibility to ensure that You have the appropriate licence and the licence must be presented to Your driving instructor prior to the commencement of Your tuition. Your Instructor reserves the right to refuse to provide You with tuition or to cancel any lessons You have agreed to or booked, If You fail to provide him/her with the licence prior to Your first lesson. Your tuition is governed by a contract between You and Your Instructor. Accordingly, You and Your Instructor are responsible for arranging the date, and time, pick up location and duration of Your lesson.

Your Instructor will:

1. Provide You with driving/theory tuition at the hourly rate communicated to You from time to time;

2. Recommend what are, in their opinion, the most appropriate training methods and aids to help You study for Your theory and hazard perception test;

3. Design a course of lessons to match Your specific driving and learning needs from Your first lesson right through to Your practical test;

4. Provide You with driving/theory lessons which will last two hours or such other duration as You and Your Instructor will agree in advance;

5. Provide a presentable, modern, properly maintained and dual controlled U-Drive branded car for each lesson;

6. Also recommend where appropriate, advanced courses to help You develop Your skills for: motorway driving, driving in extreme weather conditions and the Pass Plus;

7. Give You relevant feedback during Your lessons and record Your development on your pupil progress record ;

8. Monitor Your progress, advise and recommend what is, in their opinion, the appropriate time to book Your mock practical test and once it has been agreed between you both, Your instructor will apply for Your practical driving test and where required, they will advise whether it should be subsequently rescheduled;

9. Provide training on a one-to-one basis with no other learner in the car;

10. Honour the full time booked for each lesson, which should include an introduction, practical training and a debrief at the end of Your lesson;

11. at all times conduct themselves in a professional manner including:  being courteous